Safety Webinar: AEDs in the Workplace

This webinar will discuss the deployment, maintenance, legislation, and liability involved in beginning or maintaining an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) program in the workplace. We will discuss the benefits of having such devices installed, the employee training needed, and the federal, state, and local requirements involved.

Safety Webinar: Return to Work

This webinar is presented by our Claims group and will review how you can manage claims so you can get your workers back to work as soon as possible.

Safety Webinar: Hydrocarbon Vapor Hazards

Everyone knows about the hazards of Hydrogen Sulfide in the oil fields, but hydrocarbon vapors can be lethal as well. Join us in a discussion of the dangers of hydrocarbon vapors and what you can do to protect your employees.

Safety Webinar: Security and Emergency Preparedness

Detailed in this webinar will be Security and Emergency Preparedness in the event of multiple circumstances. This webinar will provide the basic knowledge of what information is needed as well as what information is most pertinent in the event of a emergency. We will be touching the implementation of a security plan and emergency action plan. Both plans spell out all necessary information on steps to take in the event of a emergency and cover the wide variety of different emergency situations, such as a natural disaster, medical emergency, or terrorist attack. This webinar will be suitable for company with a plan in place currently as well as a company looking to implement a plan.

Safety Webinar: Grain Handling Safety

Hazards in the Grain Handling industry are becoming more significant requiring a proactive safety culture to protect your workers and property. This webinar will discuss common hazards in grain storage facilities as well as safety controls you should establish within your operations. We will feature emerging issues as industry associations and regulatory agencies are working to promote and enforce best practices in the agriculture industry.