By: Ariel Hochstadt

A team of remote workers presents unique cybersecurity challenges for companies. Rather than leaving it to tech teams, a HR professional’s skill set is one of the best secret weapons companies of all sizes have against data breaches.

The benefits of using remote workers are many. A virtual team allows companies to be more flexible and more efficient. Research shows that, on average, businesses that use virtual teams keep a happier and more productive workforce.

In a market increasingly dominated by digitalization, a diverse crew of talented remote employees is a huge asset for businesses of all sizes.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise that the use of virtual teams is on the rise. A recent report by the World Economic Forum highlights flexible and remote work as one of the biggest drivers of transformation in the global marketplace.

But a number of cybersecurity issues emerge alongside remote workers. Research cited by The Society for Human Resource Management shows that human error is one of the most common reasons for data breaches and security flaws. As a HR professional, you must be able to bring your unique knowledge to the fore to guard against breaches.

Why is HR so essential?

Human resources departments are the gatekeepers of sensitive personal information. On top of that, it’s up to HR to ensure compliance with corporate policy, initiate and implement training programs, and make sure the whole team is on the same page.

Making sure everyone abides by company policy is especially challenging when a large part of the workforce is virtual.