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How Connected Tech can same both Time & Money

Using machine learning, a system that can tap into the full array of data uploaded by a connected vehicle can do a better job of reading the true, current state of a vehicle’s systems, thus avoiding a situation where those problems put a vehicle out of commission.

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4 Ways HR Professionals can help Employees Beat Burnout in Todays Always on Workplace

In our digital economy, employees are fighting burnout, embracing mindfulness, commuting across virtual spaces and challenging every assumption we have about work. Many organizations are looking inward to discover the perfect equation that keeps work-life balance in check—while keeping employees productive and efficient, writes Donna Kimmel, Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer at Citrix

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Featured Event.

2019 Risk Management Summit

June 6 – June 8   |   Orlando, FL

The aim of the Summit is to present small and middle market companies with ideas, concepts and products that will facilitate innovation, success and transformation.

The best way to predict your future
is to create it.

– Abraham Lincoln