Product Sheet


Energi provides Property Coverage for a diverse range of Energy market segments.

Energy Segments:

  • Fuel Distribution: Heating Oil; Lubricants and Bio‐diesel Distribution; Renewable fuel products; Propane and Natural Gas Distribution; Brokered Electricity and Natural Gas; Retail and Wholesale Distribution of Motor Fuels; Terminal Operators; Retail Gasoline Stations with Convenience Stores; Retail Liquid Natural Gas Fueling Stations; Electrical Charging Stations for Transportation; Related Service Work
  • Energy Transportation: Gasoline and/or Distillates Transportation including; Oilfield Services Transportation - drilling supplies, sand, water and equipment; Crude oil; Asphalt
  • Agricultural Cooperatives: Grain Elevator Operations – marketing, storage, treating, drying, transportation of grains; Agronomy; Feed Manufacturing and Distribution; Seed Distribution; Fertilizer Sale, Distribution, Application – dry, liquid, anhydrous ammonia; Herbicide/Pesticide Distribution and Application; Fuel Distribution; Farm Supplies and Hardware; Custom Farming; Aerial Pesticide and Herbicide Application – Subcontracted; Motor fuels with Convenience Stores; Building Materials; Biofuel Production; Flour Mills; Miscellaneous Cooperatives – fruit, nuts, dairy
  • Utility Program: Electrical Power Generation Utilities – Traditional Electrical Generation, Onsite Electrical Generation; Electrical Power Distribution Utilities – Centralized Distribution, Distributed Onsite Electrical Generation; Telecommunication Utilities; Power Generation – steam
  • Energy Construction: Water/Sewer and Excavation Contractors; Cable, TV, Telephone, and Power Line Contractors; Water/Test Well and Geothermal Contractors; Electrical Contractors; Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Plumbing Contractors; Gasoline Station Service Contractors; Renewable Energy Contractors; Oilfield Services Contractors; Energy Savings Contractors
  • Renewable Energy: Solar; Wind; Hydro; Biomass; Biofuels – Ethanol/Algae; Geothermal, Waste-to-Energy

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