Residential Pollution

Product Sheet


Contrary to popular belief, many homeowners’ policies do not currently include Pollution Coverage, forcing consumers to pay for costly cleanups out of their own pocket.

Energi designed Comfort Heat Plus℠ for oil heat dealers to provide their customers with pollution coverage. Energi incorporated consumer focus groups and direct input from oil heat dealers into the product design, creating a product that directly addressed the risk of Pollution Coverage.

In summary:

Coverage Limits

  • First Party Coverage: Up to $100,000 (Your Property)
  • Third Party Coverage: Up to $300,000 (Property of Others)
  • No Deductible (First Dollar Coverage)
  • Coverage is excess

What's covered

  • Sudden and accidental pollution cleanup coverage in the event of a spill or leak
  • Aboveground storage tanks
  • Coverage to fuel systems with no readily visible latent (obvious) wear, tear or deterioration
  • Oil line coverage on lines protected by sleeve or oil safety valve (OSV)

What's not covered

  • Unprotected oil lines
  • Readily visible wear, tear or deterioration
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Underground storage tanks
  • Bodily Injury
  • Property damage arising from insured homeowner being non-compliant with any existing statutes.

For detailed and legal information on ComfortHeat Plus℠, refer to the actual policy, which specifically defines the insuring agreement, coverages, extensions of coverage and exclusions. The master policy can be viewed in its entirety at Energi Insurance Services, 10 Centennial Drive, Peabody, MA 01960.