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Webinar: Effective Safety and Health Programs

This webinar will go over the benefits of developing and implementing an effective safety and health program. It will review the steps to take and the responsibilities of various people within the organization, how to get buy in from all and what the benefits are to the company.

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Webinar: C-Store Theft and Robbery Deterrence

Convenience stores are a common target for robberies.  Join us as we discuss tips on how to decrease the chances of your store becoming a target and keep your employees safe.


Webinar: Hydrocarbon Vapor Hazards

Everyone knows about the hazards of Hydrogen Sulfide in the oil fields, but Hydrocarbon Vapors can be lethal as well.  Join us in a discussion of the dangers of Hydrocarbon Vapors and what you can do to protect your employees.  


Webinar: Heat Related Injuries

It’s going to be a long hot summer.  Are you protecting your employees from injuries related to the heat, such as heat exhaustion, and heat stroke? This webinar will go over tips for keeping your workers cool during the hot summer months.


Webinar: Planning a Safety Day

Do you want to bring fun into your safety culture, but not sure how?  Do you want to show appreciation to your workers for being safe?  This webinar will go over how to plan a safety day that will do just that!


Webinar: OSHA’s 2014 Top 10 Most Frequently Cited Standards

2014 was a busy year for OSHA, as they published new regulations and increased enforcement. This webinar will review the areas that were most frequently cited by OSHA, so you can take action and prevent these problems from occurring at your facility.


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