Safety Webinar – Near Miss

This webinar will go over Near Misses and how you can use this information to make your company a safer place to work.

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Safety Webinar – Shift Work Sleep Disorders

In this webinar, we will discuss sleep habits and how various shifts can affect an employee’s sleep and health.


Safety Webinar- Personal Protective Equipment – Foot Protection

This webinar will review some of the different types of protective footwear that are available, and what they are used for


Safety Webinar – Hazard Analysis and Communication

This webinar will review how to analyze your work site for hazards, and how to communicate the information to your team.


Safety Webinar – Environmental Investigation and Claims Management

This webinar will go through the steps our Environmental Claims Investigators take to mitigate your environmental claim.


Safety Webinar – Material Handling – Drum Safety

This webinar will review the hazards of manually moving drums, as well as go through a few best practices to that will protect your workers


Safety Webinar – Protecting Against Skimmers

Are your pumps and ATMs safe from credit card theft? This webinar will review what skimmers are and what to look for.


Safety Webinar – Crane Signals

This webinar will go through the requirements for signalers and how to best communicate with the crane operator


Safety Webinar – Fall Protection – Mezzanines, Floor Loadings, Walkways

This webinar will review the requirements for mezzanine covered in the Walking and Working Surfaces regulation.


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