Safety Webinar: Return to Work (RTW) Programs

Keeping your employees injury free is a goal of most companies.  But how do you manage costs when someone is hurt on the job?  Join us as we go through some Return to Work Policies that will help you manage those costs.

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Safety Webinar: Fire Extinguishers

This webinar will review the basic facts about fire extinguishers and how they should be used.


Safety Webinar – Drug Testing and OSHA’s Rule on Tracking of Workplace Injuries

This webinar will review the changes in OSHA’s Recordkeeping requirements in regards to post-injury drug testing


Safety Webinar – Transportation of Hazardous Material

This webinar will review the requirements for companies transporting hazardous materials.


Safety Webinar- Bloodborne Pathogens

This webinar will give the participant an overview of the Bloodborne Pathogen Regulation and the steps their company must take to comply with the regulation


Safety Webinar – Proper Scene Documentation

This webinar will review the steps that you should take in the event that you or your driver is in an accident  


Safety Webinar – Defensive Driving

A brief review of best practices to use when driving  


Safety Webinar – Creating and Using a Mirror Check Box

Making the most of your rear view mirrors when driving a rig


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