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Webinar: Driving Ergonomics

This presentation will review the ergonomic risk factors faced by drivers, especially those sitting in a cab for extended periods. Join us to learn how to prevent your employees from suffering from ergonomic injuries associated with Driving.

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Webinar: Drivers DOT: Drivers’ Logs and Hours of Service Refresher

Join us for a review of the requirements for Drivers: What is entailed in keeping logs, as well as a detailed explanation on the hours of service.


Webinar: Driver Fitness: Keeping in Shape Behind the Wheel

Most Truck Drivers spend hours behind the wheel. How can you keep in shape while in one position for a long period of time? Join us for a discussion on how to keep your drivers healthy and keep them behind the wheel!


Webinar: Security and Emergency Preparedness

Detailed in this webinar will be Security and Emergency Preparedness in the event of multiple circumstances. This webinar will provide the basic knowledge of what information is needed as well as what information is most pertinent in the event of a emergency. We will be touching the implementation of a security plan and emergency action…
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