Safety Webinar – Fall Protection: Body Harness – What to look for

The Body Harness is an important part of many fall protection methods.  Do your employees know what to look for when inspecting their body harness?  Join us as we review what to inspect to ensure safe usage.

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Safety Webinar: Handling an OSHA Inspection

OSHA is here for an inspection, do you know what to do? Join us as we go through some basic best practices to keep you prepared for an unannounced inspection.


Safety Webinar: Vehicle Maintenance

Join us as we review some of the best practices that will help you keep your fleet on the road


Safety Webinar: Multiemployer Worksites

Work sites with more than one employer can cause confusion as to who is responsible for the safety of the site. Join us as we go through the various classifications of employers and what the responsibilities are, as well as how OSHA determines which company is responsible.


Safety Webinar: Environmental Investigation and Claim Management – Roadway Spills

Rollovers and accidents can result in environmental issues. This webinar will go through how the incidents are investigated and what you need to do to help the investigation process.


Safety Webinar: Winter Driving

How to approach winter driving from a loss prevention standpoint regarding topics such as  pre-trip inspections, winter driving tips, and accident avoidance.


Safety Webinar Freeze ups

Learn why freeze ups occur, prevention measures for freeze ups and the damages associated with freeze ups.


Safety Webinar: Fall Protection – Ladder inspections

Ladders are used by most people either in work or at home. Do you know what to look at to ensure your safety when using a ladder? Join us as we go through the items that are part of a ladder inspection


Safety Webinar: Food Safety in C-Stores

How you take care of yourself can affect the food you handle and the customers that are buying the food.  Join us as we review the best practices for personal hygiene so that you may provide your customers with a safe product.


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