Safety Webinar – Electronic Documenting OSHA Injuries

Learn the new OSHA requirements for reporting injuries that occur in the workplace. Become familiar with the new OSHA online injury reporting system.

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Safety Webinar – Personal Protective Equipment

Learn what personal protective equipment is and understand both employer and employee responsibilities in relation to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Gain knowledge of PPE training requirements and learn how to select the proper PPE for the specific line of work that will be performed as well as learning the basic types of PPE.


Safety Webinar – Office Ergonomics

Learn what ergonomics is. Learn the history of ergonomics. Gain knowledge of work related musculoskeletal disorders also known as WMSD’s. Understand how to implement an ergonomics program. Learn how to prevent WMSD’s.


Safety Webinar: Accident Prevention While Driving

This webinar will talk about best practices to keep you safe while driving on today’s busy roads.      


Safety Webinar: Return to Work (RTW) Programs

Keeping your employees injury free is a goal of most companies.  But how do you manage costs when someone is hurt on the job?  Join us as we go through some Return to Work Policies that will help you manage those costs.


Safety Webinar: Fire Extinguishers

This webinar will review the basic facts about fire extinguishers and how they should be used.


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