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Webinar – Exploration & Production Casing Operations

This webinar is a review of the safety issues involved in exploration & production casing operations.

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Webinar: Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment is the most important way to protect employees while working on the job. Various types of Personal Protective Equipment will be discussed from gloves, hard hats, eye wear, footwear, and clothing. Also discussed will be ways of assisting employees, maintaining conditions, replacement of equipment, and specific equipment for multiple industries.


Webinar: Crane Safety

A review of the hazards associated with operating cranes, and how to mitigate those hazards.


Webinar: Road and Workplace Statistics

A review of the most recent statistics concerning large trucks and accident related injuries, as well as a review of types of workplace injuries.


Webinar: Propane Best Practices and CSST

This webinar topic is Propane Best Practices. The webinar will cover the key components for owners, managers, and employees to follow with safe propane distributions. More specifically the duty to warn customers of propane, out of gas situations, leak check and pressure testing record keeping, and further codes and policies will be covered. This webinar…
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