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Webinar: Handling an OSHA Visit or Walkthrough

OSHA is at the front door, are you ready? A brief review of how to prepare for a visit from OSHA, what happens during an OSHA inspection, and what the various outcomes can be.  

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Webinar: Office Ergonomics

The office ergonomics webinar will focus on common issues found in an office environment along with common sense approaches to address the issues.  Taking action and focusing on work areas, desks, filing areas, exit and entrances, and storage areas will lead to a proactive approach and injury prevention.  The benefits of an office ergonomic program…
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Webinar : OSHA’s New Recordkeeping Requirements

OSHA has changed the requirements on who must report injuries, as well as what companies are now required to report. Are you compliant?


Webinar: Puff Backs

Oil Burning Equipment can be one of the most durable appliances in a home often lasting 20 plus years. However, like any appliance, it needs to be maintained. If not maintained, the system can fail and no one wants to receive a service call on the coldest night of the year. One symptom of a…
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Webinar: Preventing Complacency

How to keep your employees engaged and safe.


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