Safety Webinar – Proper Scene Documentation

This webinar will review the steps that you should take in the event that you or your driver is in an accident  

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Safety Webinar – Defensive Driving

A brief review of best practices to use when driving  


Safety Webinar – Duty to Warn

Duty to Warn is a mitigation process meant to educate propane customers of the proper use and storage of propane in order to decrease the risk of a propane-related incident. This webinar will review the requirements of Duty to Warn and the safe practices that will help you keep your customers informed.


Safety Webinar – Bottle Fill Safety

This webinar will go over the hazards associated with handling propane as well as the issues encountered when filling propane cylinders.


Safety Webinar – Static Electricity

This webinar will focus on static electricity and how it affects propane handling.


Safety Webinar – Preparing Employees for an Emergency

You have written an emergency response plan, but do your employees really know what to do in an emergency? This webinar will review some best practices to ensure your employees know what to do no matter what the emergency is.


Safety Webinar – Developing and Implementing an Effective Safety Committee

Having a hard time getting a commitment to a safety committee? Not sure how to get a safety committee started? Join us as we review some best practices for implementing a safety committee and making it effective


Safety Webinar – Creating and Using a Mirror Check Box

Making the most of your rear view mirrors when driving a rig


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