Energi's mission is to be the leading provider of specialized insurance and risk management solutions that target specific segments of the energy industry and fulfill our clients’ needs. We are committed to understanding our clients’ businesses, exceeding expectations, and employing our vision, innovation, expertise and teamwork to create and provide premier insurance programs.


Energi is a leading provider of specialized insurance programs to targeted sectors of the energy industry in the United States and Canada. Our core insurance programs provide traditional property and casualty insurance coverage and related risk management. Our specialized insurance risk management expertise in the energy sector enables us to provide differentiated safety and loss prevention solutions and claims management services. We believe our suite of risk management solutions reduces the frequency and severity of claims of our clients and enhances their productivity.

Our business model has two primary components:
  • We generate fee income for services we provide for our third-party insurance partners as an administrator of various insurance programs. These services include product development, marketing and sales, risk selection, initial underwriting, safety and loss prevention, and claims management.
  • We generate underwriting and investment income by providing reinsurance on a portion of the casualty business placed through our core insurance programs.

In 2010, Energi launched its’ Alternative Energy Solutions Program (AES) which provides innovative warranty coverages for alternative energy and energy efficiency products and installations. AES is still an early-stage program


For years, the energy insurance market was lacking comprehensive and reliable coverage because:
  • Insurance companies unpredictably entered and exited the market.
  • Insurance premiums fluctuated frequently in availability and affordability.
  • Excess coverage was often difficult to obtain.
  • Insurers often underwrote energy companies that did not follow best practices.
  • Insurance companies didn’t provide meaningful safety & loss control services.
  • Insurers didn’t aggressively defend claims and refused to involve policyholders in the claims process.

In 2002, a group of leading energy distribution companies and insurance professionals convened to develop better traditional property and casualty insurance for energy companies.

Over the next three years, the group brought in actuarial and reinsurance consultants to complete extensive business research, modeling a business plan after leading worldwide insurance companies. Energi would start as a group captive, grow to an industrial reinsurance company and then evolve to become an insurance company.

In 2005, Energi was incorporated. In 2006, the company commenced operations as a group captive. In 2009, Energi merged with Conifer Insurance Agency Inc. D/B/A Conifer Energy and became an industrial reinsurance company.

As an industrial reinsurance company, Energi acts as a program administrator and reinsurer. The program administration company provides underwriting, distribution management, loss prevention and claims oversight. Insurance company partners act as the insurance company; these insurance companies cede a portion of the business to Energi’s reinsurance operations. Energi’s products are exclusively distributed through a network of independent insurance agents.

From 2008 to 2010, Energi expanded its shareholder base, which now includes 70 Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Energy Distribution Companies (policyholders) and a leading worldwide reinsurance company.


For more information regarding Energi and its entities, contact energy@energi.com

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